Louisa Flaningam, Linda Langford, Louise Robinson

L. Flaningam, L. Langford, L. Robinson

David Stocker, James Carpenter, James Hunt

D. Stocker, J. Carpenter, J. Hunt

Terra Nova

Terra Nova


2 Gents



Death of a Salesman

Sixth Season

September 26, 1979-May 18, 1980
Five productions, five-and-a-half weeks each
Approaching 15,000 Subscribers, $1,500,000 Budget
Series of New Play Workshops continues

I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road

By Gretchen Cryer and Nancy Ford
Directed by Amy Saltz

Featuring Allan Carlsen, Louisa Flaningam, Linda Langford, Louise Robinson, Paul Rosa. Scenery by Patricia Woodbridge, costumes by Mark Pennywell, lighting by Pat Simmons, music direction and piano, John Franceschina, choreography, Helen Kent. Musicians were Robert H. Stallworth, Jr., Steve Delamater, Norman Ludwin.

Death of a Salesman

By Arthur Miller
Directed by Shaktman

Featuring John Carpenter as Willy Loman, James Hunt as Biff, David Stocker as Happy, Dorothy Stinnette as Linda Loman; and Tama Bodenrader, Debra Gordon, James Handy, Joan L. Varnum and George Vogel. Peter Wexler returned to design the scenery and the award-winning poster based on it. Costumes were by David Toser, lighting by Ron Wallace, music by Alex North.

Terra Nova

By Terence McNally
Directed and designed by Peter Wexler

Featuring Berkeley Harris, Shaine Marinson, Gary McGurk, Jack Ryland, Edward Seamon, Steven Sutherland and John C. Vennema. Costumes by David Toser, lighting by Bernard J. Brannigan, Associate scenic designers, Reagan Cook, Phillip Graneto. Nora Dunfee was consultant to director.

Hazlett Theater

Tangles - World Premiere

By Robert Litz
Directed by Shaktman

Featuring Dawn Davis, Terry Layman, Monica Merryman, Amy Van Nostrand and Stephan Mark Weyte. Scenery by David Emmons. Costumes: David Toser. Lighting: Ron Wallace.

2 Gentlemen of Verona

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Stephen Kanee

Featuring Beth Andrachick, Marty Bayhan, Robert Blackburn, Cindy Blaha, Santa DiLavore, John Hall, Eric Hoffman, Jack Honor, Floyd King, James Lieb, Julia MacKenzie, Anderson Matthews, Jodie McClintock, Kevin O'Rourke, Tia Melissa Riebling, Bruce Rodgers, Emily Salvo, Nick Salvo, Eric Schurenberg, James Selby, Michele Seyler, Tom Spinella. Scenery and costumes by William Schroder, lighting by Pat Collins, music director, Jeffrey Klotz. The musicians were Craig Madge, Stephen Myles, Milt Orkin.

The Life of Galileo

By Bertolt Brecht
Directed by J. Ranelli

Featuring Michael Egan as Galileo and Joan Ammon, Beth Adrachick, Curtis Armstrong, Dori Arnold, Lamont Arnold, William Beck, David Berman, Robert Beseda, Lachele Carl, Deirdre-Leigh Cramer, Ray Dooley, Frank Geraci, Wilson Hutton, Peter Kybart, Nancy Mette, Ken Milchick, Ruth Miller, Pamela Norris, Kevin O'Leary, Charles Ozeas, Jeff Paul, Lazaro Perez, Christopher Brant Potter, Jack Price, Jiggs Rogers, Bruce Sheinbart, Richard Stack, Mark Thompson and James Tolkan. The scenery was by Sandro La Ferla, costumes, Fred Voelpel, lighting, Bonnie Ann Brown, science advisor, Leopold E. Klopfer, composer and music director, Milton Barnes. This was a co-production with the Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science with the beginning of the play staged inside the Planetarium. Followed by an extravagant Puppet, Percussion and People parade to the Hazlett Theater.

Buhl Planetarium and Institute

Buhl Planetarium and Institute

Hazlett Theater

PPT at the Hazlett Theater