Rick Pagano, Bob Litz

Rick Pagano, Bob Litz

Flanagan, Fitzgerald

Flanagan, Fitzgerald

Micah Lewensohn, Roy Poole

Micah Lewensohn, Roy Poole

Flying Karamazov Brothers

Flying Karamazov Brothers


New Plays & Special Events

The new play development program was as important as any artistic event between 1975-82. Whether through staged readings, workshops or full productions, new playwrights were welcomed as essential parts of our reason for being. PPT also became a presenting home for the developers of one-person shows, documentaries, dance and musical showcases. The producer for many of these productions was Richard Pagano who was also PPT casting and literary director.

In alphabetical order these were:

Act Without Words, by Samuel Beckett, directed by Micah Lewensohn, who was one of PPTs National Endowment for the Arts Young Directors program winners.

And Furthermore, political trials arranged and directed by Benny Sato Ambush, who was one of PPTs NEA Young Directors program winners.

Appear and Show Cause, new play by Stephen Taylor, possibly staged by Susan Einhorn

Campaign Relief, to celebrate the national election of 1980, speeches, songs and broken promises, adapted and staged by Judith Haskell.

Camus’ The Fall, adapted by Daniel Nagrin. This was a full-length dance-drama choreographed and performed by Nagrin.

Samuel Beckett

Come and Go, by Samuel Beckett, which he called a dramaticule. It was a few more than 120 words in length. The author is said to have considered this his most perfect play. Micha Lewensohn staged it.

Faces of Love, by Carol Teitel who was welcomed back to PPT when she performed Mrs. Malaprop in The Importance of Being Earnest. Faces of Love was her one-person cavalcade of love prose and poetry from some very surprising sources.

Fionnula Flanagan as James Joyce’s Women.

Geraldine Fitzgerald’s ‘Streetsongs’.

Krapp’s Last Tape, by Samuel Beckett, directed by Micah Lewensohn, with Roy Poole.

Land of Fire, a new play by Barbara Field, directed by Micah Lewensohn.

Mobile Hymn, by Robert Litz, directed by David Rotenberg, with John Carpenter, Delphi Harrington, Ann Kerry, and William Youmans.

O. Henry’s Christmas, staged reading with music and dance.

Sleight of Hand, a new play

Janet Neipris-Wille

St. Mark’s Gospel, adaptation for the stage and one performer.

The Desert, a new play by Janet Neipris-Wille.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers, by themselves.

The Seminary Murder, a new play

Tom Taylor as “Woody Guthrie”

You Know Al, He’s a Funny Guy, adapted from the works of Albert Einstein by Jerry Mayer who performed it.